Proo, Kathy and I attended a planning meeting of the TSG recently. As well as Parks, DSE and the botanists, three long term Field Naturalists from Stawell were there and their knowledge was so impressive. It was a good reminder of how valuable the work of “amateurs” is. Compared to the “professionals” who seldom spend a lifetime in one area, the “amateurs” have years of learning. The trick will be: how to capture that knowledge for the future? e.g it may be vital for input into fire plans etc. That’s where groups like the TSG, FOGGS, Field Nats are so important in making that knowledge available to DSE and Parks. That’s why it’s important that we keep records and don’t throw them out. The herbarium collection of the Stawell Field Nats is now housed in archival boxes in our volunteers’ room, but some other stuff needs careful cataloguing and archival storage. Any volunteers to help?