It is now five years after the fires, and four years after the publication of the book produced by a committee led by FOGGS. The book was financed by grants from Parks Vic, Norman Wettenhall Foundation, and SHARE (Uniting Church Relief Fund). Profits have been used for relief work via SHARE and Grampians Community Health and FOGGS. We have also sent free books to other fire affected communities across Australia. The committee feels that the book has accomplished its purposes and that we should no longer handle sales of it. Requests have dwindled to only a dribble. In view of the way the recent flood has affected local businesses we felt that we could donate copies to them, for them to use as they thought best. Many are becoming coffee table books in local motels, others are being sold and profits going to SES, others will continue to be sold to interested tourists and the profits staying in the community.