April 24 meeting with Dave Roberts for an update on what was happening in the Park

Flood recovery work after 2 ½ years is nearly complete. Last to be finished will be the Zumsteins area hopefully in time for a spring opening. The footbridge damaged at McKenzie falls during the floods will be air lifted out in the next week or two and it is hoped the walk from Zumsteins to McKenzies Falls will be open in 2 months time. Venus Baths and Splitters Falls will be open to the public in the next couple of weeks.


Recent fires in Victoria Valley. These fires took 5 weeks to get under control. There were some areas of intense fire and some areas where prior planned burns 8 months prior had moderated the fire. The area has been gated off and as areas are assessed and deemed safe some roads will be opened soon. There is only funding to rehabilitate the dozer lines, money for all other repair and rehabilitation work will have to be found from else where.


An outcome of the floods and fires has been that many cultural heritage sites have been worked on and 60-70% of the known cultural sites have now been assessed.


Natural Values: Ryan reported that the bioscan report was not yet finished but will let FOGGs know when it is. There are a couple of videos on the web taken during bioscans.


Grampians Peaks Trail master plan will be released soon it will be about 150km long and use 75 km of existing track. There is some seeding money to start on the first stage.


Staffing: Parks are currently having another restructure with the intention of shedding staff. As yet Dave does not know what impact it will have on Grampians.


Volunteer Co-ordinator Katherine Dyson reported on her work over the past ten months as volunteer co-ordinator. School groups, scouts, Conservation Volunteers and other community groups have been organised by Katherine and successfully carried out tasks such as campground clean ups, repairs to tables and seats and the weeding of vast areas of Sallow wattle. We hope funding can be found to continue her valuable work.


Wendy Bedggood


Bit added by Margo: Before our meeting with Dave, Proo, Wendy and Margo met to look through the new model rules for incorporated bodies and how well they fit FOGGS needs. Wendy had put a lot of thought into this and we will be putting some proposals to our AGM in September. Then after the meeting we adjourned to Margo’s for a quick meal and discussion and then home or off to watch a movie.