President’s Piece

David Thompson - Fungo Frolic, 2004 (with Dave Munro and Alison White)
David Thompson – Fungo Frolic, 2004
(with Dave Munro and Alison White)

I was deeply saddened by the recent death of David Thompson. David was an enthusiastic worker for the establishment of the Grampians National Park and has been a very active member of FOGGs from its inception. For many years he was our president.

He took on many battles to ensure that the importance of National Parks to the protection of the natural environment was always respected. He led a campaign against private development in the park under the Kennett government, and I’m sure it was with great sadness that he found recently this battle needs to be won all over again.

He was a tireless campaigner for the environment and never missed an opportunity to write letters or be interviewed on the radio in support of a cause. All  of us who care about the current threats to the environment will miss his concise focus and constant energy which is a major loss. Our deepest sympathy goes to Judith and his family.

I  had the opportunity to walk on two of the tracks which have recently been upgraded as part of the flood recovery. The  Zumsteins to McKenzie Falls, and the Beehive Falls to the plateau walks. I was extremely impressed at the work which had been done, particularly the stone work. The excellent work has resulted in very much improved walks. Congratulations to the park staff and everyone else involved.

As I write tonight the frogs are croaking and  today walking in the mountains the Scented Sundews and Early Nancies were a picture flowering  in the moss beds. Birds were singing, insects were buzzing in the wattles and all the creeks were running and it was hard to imagine being in a more beautiful environment. We are fortunate that there was such foresight in preserving  these beautiful  places in National Parks. Let us not be the ones who allow these areas to be despoiled. Please join our current campaign to prevent this current attack on the sanctity of national parks.