The Advisory Group has met twice. I’ll try to condense our discussions.


  • We agreed that the Zumsteins heritage day was a great success, 400 attended and was a healing day for many of the locals.

   Environmental issues;

  • There are clear photos of a Quoll in the Rock Wallaby site, which is most exciting but raises some questions.

    • Halls Gap Zoo lost a quoll a few years ago and there are captive quolls near Dunkeld.

    • Quoll males can travel long distances. It could conceivably come from Mt Eccles.

    • Baiting program won’t change after Quoll sighting as they have demonstrated a dislike to Foxoff in previous studies. Also, we bury baits below 10cm which is best practice and space 1km apart which is greater than recommended in quoll country. Foxes compete for the same food resources and in East Gippsland healthy quoll populations coincide with low fox numbers.

  • Rock Wallaby health checks last week 1 female with pouch young.

  • Weeds in the Park and Reserves need to be a priority, particularly the South African Weed orchid.

  • Remote cameras are being used more in the Park.

  • A project has started to put Radio collars on cats and goats to find their ranges.

  • Culture & Heritage

  • Traditional Owners are coming to assess sites in the fire affected area from February 2013.12 new art sites have been found so far.

 Problems with Asbestos

  • Stapylton Campground closure continues due to Asbestos. A full site clean up will cost around $150,000 or more. PV will continue to investigate management options . Asbestos is also a problemat Strahans.

  • Advisory Group Future

  • This advisory group has come to the end of its term. Calls for expression of interest will come in early 2014 after some thought as to whether changes are needed.

  • Traditional Owner Reference Group:

  • Parks Victoria will progress the establishment of a Traditional Owner Reference Group to specifically engage and seek expertise from surrounding Interested communities.

 People and Parks Foundation

  • Margo and Dave to continue to explore whether we can set up a foundation to gain extra funding for our Park.

  • Grampians Peaks Trail

  • Hold up with the master plan with Parks Victoria.

  • Testing for new guidelines for development in Parks.

  • Master plan to consider the element of “On Park” Development” Guidelines.

  • 30th Anniversary of Park Declaration

  • AG in favour of doing celebration in Park, Borough Huts was where the Park was declared. Mid May 2014 a suggestion. Advisory group, Grampians Historical Society and FoGGs to be included in an organising committee.




Major discussion topics.


  • The proposed changes to camping fees and methods of booking. Dave had sent us the information and after emailed discussions I had sent a response on behalf of the AG, which the meeting endorsed. Basically I said that while we liked the idea of online booking, so that people could tell if there was room at a campsite before arriving, we thought the massive increase in fees was unjustified and would cause many newproblems.

  • The Grampians Peak Trail Master Plan is almost complete and then the process of getting planning permits for the camping sites will start. It is planned to have pads for tents, a toilet and a 3 sided shelter at each site. We looked at possible sites near the corner of Silverband Rd and Rosea track, and recommended a site on the Wonderland side, which would have least impact on vegetation.

  • The restructure of PV staff has so far had little impact on our local Park, except that we will be getting two new fulltime staff in fire related positions.

  • We looked at the proposed new format for the next Advisory Group, and how it will relate to a proposed Traditional Owner reference Group and to the Round Table. We were happy and it now goes to senior management and then the expressions of interest for the next AG will be called.