MARCH 4th FOGGs Working Bee – Our contribution to Keep Australia Beautiful

Leigh and Proo
Leigh and Proo


Have you heard of Therma-Gel? Thanks to David Thompson’s foresight and planning, including research into this product, and Judith and Rodney’s hard work, their house was saved from the Wartook fires; a thorough spraying with Therma-Gel kept it from burning, even though unsprayed objects on the verandah were melted and burnt.

Once on, it has to come off! 6 of us met to remove the dried coating from windows, door frames and whatever, and to help in any way possible. To remove the Therma-Gel from windows, it was found easiest to wet it first with a broom, then scrape it off with a window-cleaner squeegee. Lots of rehydrated gooey stuff was disposed of around the garden. Thanks to Will and Proo bringing a tank of water this was achieved, to the welcome accompaniment of birdsong from the considerable number that have returned to the area.

Unfortunately there was nothing we could do at this stage for Rodney’s home or car, both completely burnt.

Sundry burnt items from the yard were loaded onto the trailer – there is such a lot of work after a fire – before we gathered round a table for lunch on the verandah, a valuable time of talking and sharing. Wendy produced a cake! This was to celebrate the presentation to Margo of a certificate of Life Membership of FOGG (well deserved).

Then it was round to Neves’, Judith, Rodney and Ellie as well. Bill and Hennie also lost nearly everything except their house. Here we shifted a pile of rocks, cut back burnt plants, helped with some fencing ……..

At the end of the afternoon we all gathered on a log in the garden, sharing stories, jokes and friendship.


Leigh Douglas


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