Committee Report – Advisory Group

I was an apology due to illness but here are some items from the minutes.

Grampians Peaks Trail Master Plan

Key discussion points: Summary of consultation process and feedback. Around 90 responses. Major points of issue included: On Park Accommodation, Maintenance/management responsibility, environmental and cultural values.

Discussion: The Advisory Group believes it is critical that the issue of a fully resourced operation is investigated and recommended as a matter of priority, so the Park and PV isn’t left with a liability and therefore the reputation is damaged and the park resources drained. A world class Trail and infrastructure needs world class customer service and management/maintenance.

Question: When, who and how do the AG advocate and lobby for (PV to undertake) a business operations plan?

Action: We will write to Dr Bill Jackson and Minister Ryan Smith to emphasis the need for proper, objective and well researched operations plan for the trail.

Brush-Tail Rock Wallaby

Ryan Duffy provided a recap of the re-introduction program from start to now. Highlighted the purpose of the program, the key partners, the challenges and the realities of the recovery program to date.

Described the current dilemmas facing the program and sought a discussion about where to from here.

Fire Recovery

MacKenzie Falls precinct

  • Limited access to MacKenzie Falls should be achieved by the September 2014 school holidays
  • Kiosk and the house have been cleaned up, however there are still negotiations being had with the lessee about their future plans
  • Walk from Zumsteins to the base of the falls will be open around the same time.
  • The Powerline to the site will be reinstated by Powercor.


  • The Pise` cottages at Zumsteins have been wrapped in plastic to protect them.
  • Burnt Radiata Pine at Zumsteins being removed this week.
  • Ornamental planting will be replanted upon removal of pines.
  • Heritage consultant engaged to formulate plan for Cottages future

Mt Stapylton/Hollow Mtn

  • Contractors are currently doing works at Summerday Valley and Stapylton.
  • Staplyton campground asbestos has been removed. The works will now be programmed to repair fire damage to the site


  • Sallow wattle will need to be monitored in the fire affected ground.
  • Seedlings will need to be at least 12 months old before treating them.
  • Monitoring for small mammals in the fire affected ground.
  • With the rainfall and wind over the last week erosion control may be needed.