From Our Ranger In Charge – David Roberts

A busy few months in the park as we hit some critical milestones with the fire recovery program, completed some important strategic fuel reduction burns, ramped up the spring fox baiting program and commenced grazer control in the form of removing goats from the Mt Difficult range.

Caitlyn O’Reilly, our conservation volunteer coordinator has hit the ground running and quickly established partnerships and programs in all areas of our business. I can’t overstate how much we value this role and how much potential it has to assist us and communities get good outcomes on park.

The Walking track support group, under the leadership of David Witham have been active with works in and around the Heatherlie Quarry tracks. This site is in store for a spruce up as we invest in new signs and investigate a possible trail realignment.

It is amazing to reflect on the number of groups actively working in and around the park in an effort to improve, explore, add knowledge and contribute. Deakin University continues its small mammal research, Museum Vic have commenced some spring surveys, Australian Native Orchid Society have been busy, bush walking clubs have assisted in scoping out GPT alignments, school group tackling sallow wattle, historical societies assisting us with information, funds and advice.

All in all, it is clear that the community is well involved and contributing significantly to the way the Grampians is managed. As park managers, our role is to develop program’s, support, lead and prioritise in all the areas of our business which can be challenging given the competing demands, limited resources and unlimited interest in the park.

We do however embrace this challenge and have a strong commitment to getting the best outcomes, work with our communities in this amazing place.

Let’s all hope for a quiet summer, but let’s be prepared for what ever is thrown our way.

David Roberts