From Our Ranger In Charge

Spring has sprung in the Grampians following a cold but surprising dry period. The Parks Staff have been steadily working on a number of initiatives that are worth updating you on:

  1. Fire recovery projects continue to be rolled out, with works complete and openings occurring at Smiths Mill camp ground and the day visitor site at Hollow Mountain. Both sites bore the full brunt of the Northern Grampians fire in January 2014 and following a period of asset renewal and environmental recovery, the areas are now accessible to visitors once again.
  1. Goat Control. The environmental team have been placing some priority on targeting goats along the Mt Difficult Range, Mt William Range and Black Range State Park. Remote cameras have been deployed along with increased surveillance which targets the shooting program and creates efficiency. The program will continue for the next 4 months.
  1. Asset improvement program. Capital upgrades to Lakeview and Sundial lookouts along with major upgrades in the Grand Canyon are nearing completion with an improved and long term outcome in place. The use of Stone has dominated all works complimented by stainless steel barriers at the Lookouts. It is great that we can get these jobs completed predominately using local skilled contractors and construction firms.
  1. Conservation Volunteers successfully managed the Grampians GreenArmy project finishing up in early September. The team of 10 young people capably worked throughout the Winter controlling Sallow Wattle, Boneseed and assisting in other Land Management activities over 22 weeks.

The Grampians National Park continues to provide plenty of challenges and rewards. We once again have a bigger than ever program which we will look to achieve with our committed team and passionate volunteer groups.

We welcome John Nankervis to the area as District Manager, replacing Graham Parkes after his retirement in February. John has 20+ years of Park management experience and is quickly getting to know the district, staff and stakeholders.

David Roberts.