FOGG’s Annual General Meeting – 17 Oct 2015

Thirteen of us met at Mirranatwa carpark where we had a hunt for wildflowers. Unfortunately the hot dry conditions of September and early October meant most things had finished flowering. We did manage to find a Musky Caladenia orchid and a skink sunning himself.

Our next stop was Henham track there we found Bearded orchids and some Grevilleas flowering. We headed off to Freshwater Lake on the Victoria Valley road, but it too was dry and the water had receded to a puddle in the middle. Next we stopped at the Dunkeld rifle range where there was a sprinkling of flowers but in a better year it would be a spot well worth a visit.

Next we went to Dunkeld to the Arboretum, we couldn’t find the picnic tables so set up under a huge old beautiful Red Gum where we ate our lunch and had our AGM meeting. After the meeting we stopped at Griffin Picnic Area to look at the mosaic burns Parks have done over the last couple of winters to try to create an area which will provide refuge for some of the small creatures that live in that area should a wildfire come through. (note from Ed.: I’ve lost the photos of the Red Gum someone sent me, sorry).

AGM report: your new committee is

  • President – Rodney Thompson
  • Vice President – Leigh Gunn
  • Secretary – Wendy Bedggood
  • Treasurer – Mabel Brouwer
  • Committee – David Steane, Margo Sietsma, Prue Pyke, Ben Gunn and JanBert Brouwer.

Margo agreed to continue as Newsletter editor, Frank van der Peet has agreed to continue looking after our website and JanBert has offered to publicise our activities in an effort to grow our membership. The treasurer presented the financial report which was for the 12 months to the 30 June 2015, the income was $12,963.77 and expenditure was $847.95, $10.000 of our income was a Communities for Nature Grant which at the time of our AGM had not been spent.

Our membership fees have not changed since 2006 and as insurance and postage have increased it was proposed we should have an increase, this will be discussed thoroughly at a committee meeting early in the new year and in time for 2016/17 membership renewals.