Grampians Peak Trail


Those of you who read the VNPA’s magazine “Park Watch” will have seen that the trail’s first campground features on the front cover and will have read a lukewarm review of it. The criticisms of the campground are similar to those FOGG had (except that we liked the concept of a shared communal area, but thought it should incorporate a table) and are being taken on board for future campsites. People registering for the walk are being invited to give  their feedback. So far the main improvement people would like to see is drinking water, which is quite a challenge with almost no roof area to catch water. The PW article talks about the campsites on the higher areas, maybe having more permanent structures. So far I haven’t heard anything, but at the next AG meeting we will be having a detailed update and I’ll report on it next issue.

When PV’s CEO was here on his visit, we were also taken to look at the newly opened Grand Canyon path, still closed when PW visited. I found it most impressive. Large boulders have been moved sideways, new stepping stones put in place. The number of bridges and hand rails has been heavily reduced, making it all look very natural.