From Our Very Busy Ranger In Chief

David Roberts, Area Chief Ranger, Grampians Gariwerd

Over the past 6-8 weeks, there have been many activities undertaken that have been very important to the Grampians National Park now and into the future.

Cleanup Australia Day Week – Grampians Style

A full week of activities was planned and undertaken by over 200+ volunteers, community members and Parks Victoria staff across the Grampians National Park and surrounding Reserves. The intent of the activities was to focus on the high visitor use areas and really promote the right behaviours expected when visitors visit our natural areas. There is a need to reinvigorate the message “leave no Trace” and we’d welcome any opportunity for FoGGS, and other volunteer forums to spread the message through all available forums.

Sallow Wattle “Mechanical Control”

The next phase of our Sallow Wattle control has been underway with the use of a mulching machine grooming semi mature wattle in the Rose’s Gap Area. The trial of different control techniques has included various chemical controls, manual cut & paste techniques and now mechanical. In the coming months we will also trial brushcutters with blades.

Nature Play Week  

Parks Victoria partnered with Victorian National Parks Association to run an activity in the School Holidays as part of Nature Play week. The activity centred around primary school aged kids and was well received. It is something we want to build on as we reinvigorate the Education Program in the Grampians.

Rock Cataloguing and Registration 

Parks Staff have been working with Ben Gunn (Cultural Heritage Consultant) to record and catalogue recently discovered Art sites across the Park. It is incredibly important to know what we have and where it is located so that our management decision are informed. These sites once recorded sit on the State-wide register that ensures future land managers have access to the information.

Fuel Reduction Burning 

There has been a concerted effort placed on preparing the nominated burn areas for treatment during Autumn and Winter 2016. As it stands, much of the forest fuels are still too dry to initiate our burn program. Some smaller burns will be undertaken around Stawell & Ararat where there are Asset and community protection objectives. We will continue to implement an expanded Winter burning program which allows us to run fire in the cooler conditions and achieve a greater mosaic of fuels across broad areas. This year we are also fortunate to be undertaking research and monitoring around Small Mammal presence with the Wannon River Catchment, Burning Prescription development for the western slopes of the Serra Range and the development of Key Fauna management tools for the Grampians with the Geometric Means of Abundance measure – a project which I’ll describe in more detail in the coming months.

 Grampians Peaks Trail  Alignment Planning

Has been progressing across the entire length of trail by Parks project officer and contractors. The scale and complexity of the task shouldn’t be underestimated as we transition from concept phase to feasibility to delivery.

Grazing Management 

A project has commenced in the Grampians assessing the impacts and populations dynamics of Goats as we move towards initiating a control program in the future. Monitoring of goat populations is 2/3 complete with the early data indicating that numbers are steadily increasing from previous counts in the late 2000’s. Our ultimate aim will be to establish partnerships with community based hunting groups (SSAA or Field & Game) to assist us in targeted control programs. Once a management program has been planned and implemented for Goats, our attention will move towards Deer.

Stapylton Camp Ground 

Post fire recovery works continue at the camp ground with all the road and track work complete. A contractor has been engaged to install all the fencing and park furniture with an objective to reopen the site ASAP upon completion.