From the Editor

Welcome to the winter newsletter, whether you are receiving it in the post or by email. Remember that you can also access  previous newsletters via our website [but you already know that because you are reading this!]

Please note that it’s time to renew your membership, via the form included. Also note the increase in fees to cover our extra insurance and postage costs.

Please check if we have your correct email address so we can contact you with late news.

This issue is missing a report from our Ranger in Charge, Dave Roberts, who is just so busy at the moment. But  we do have a report from our meeting with him in July and also a comprehensive update from Tammy Schoo.

There is also no Advisory Group Report as we have not held a meeting since the last newsletter. The next meeting is in August  with a theme of Fire Ecology, Fire Risk Landscapes and Fire Management Strategies for the Grampians NP.  Nor is there a Round Table report as neither Wendy or I could attend the last meeting, and we haven’t seen the minutes yet.

Our AGM will be  in October and will creep up on us quickly. All office positions will be open for election. It is also good to have fresh folk on the committee which we have been achieving in the last couple of years. Do let us know if you are interested in any position.  You don’t even need to live locally as much can be done by email these days.