19 November 2016

We had a good attendance at our AGM. Reports were presented by the president (see separate article) and the treasurer again thanking Ron Goudy for auditing our books and our bank balance at the end of June 2016 being $8,615.89.

Election of office bearers see this year’s committee as:

  • President: Rodney Thompson
  • Vice President: Leigh Gunn
  • Secretary: Wendy Bedggood
  • Treasurer: Mabel Brouwer
  • Committee Members: Margo Sietsma, Ben Gunn, Janbert Brower and Judith Thompson
  • Newsletter Editor: Margo Sietsma
  • Webmaster: Frank van der Peet

We continued with a general meeting and ideas for next years activities were; an Insect day, (as this year’s was unable to go ahead), a reptile day, Clam Shrimps with Brian Tims, a bat event possibly jointly with a landcare group, and  several people expressed an interest in Grasses and having a day on them. Good walks are always popular though no specific suggestions were given.

It was decided we should get name badges for members, as it makes it easier for visitors and new members and also helps identify us as a group when we are doing our activities such as ‘Clean up Australia day”.

It was proposed that we get a new FOGGs sign that is more lightweight and portable than our current one.

There is currently no book on Grampians Flora available for sale and there may be an opportunity to reprint Ian McCann’s ‘The Grampians in Flower’.

After a picnic lunch and social chit chat we looked at the most recent maps of the proposed route then set off from Borough huts camp ground towards Mt Rosea. The original plan was to look at the start of the new track which will lead from Borough huts up to Mount William, unfortunately rain had washed away the crossing over the creek so instead we went in the opposite direction. We did see the new bridge over the creek at the beginning of the walk and this award winning design will be used for all the bridges on the Grampians Peaks Trail Walk.

The day was starting to get a bit warm so we only walked for an hour and a half up the gently sloping track before turning and coming back down.

There were some wildflowers out notably Chocolate Lily and Cinnamon Bells (a saprophytic orchid), Hakea, Slender Candles, Everlasting daisy, Hibertia and Pink Bells. Some South African Weed Orchid was also found in one spot along the track and plants were removed.