Prez Sez

December 2016

Hello foggies, welcome to my annual presidents report . Those who attended the AGM have heard it all before, but for those who haven’t, I waffled something like this….

This year we have held a number of activities in conjunction with other groups in the park, and supported some activities that have been run by Parks Vic by providing people to man tables and work stations. Our own Cleanup day initiative was taken on by others this year with great success. 4 wheel drivers, climbing groups, walkers and park staff all joined in to clean up at some of the iconic sites within the park. Its amazing to hear the support we get from the public too, with much praise offered at all sites. This event will continue to grow! I have already ranted about the stone cairns previously so I will stay calm, but it disappoints me Parks don’t feel the need to put up signage discouraging the activity, the cairns are back in abundance. Other activities included a bioblitz event and Little Rangers, supported by Margo, Prue, Mabel and others, with thanks from the entire group for giving up your time to represent us. A birding activity in the coldest wettest month with Birdlife Australia was also successful, but I have to admit there were more of them than us. Janbert’s report on that one was good too. Concise and accurate, with a little humour thrown in. (I must get him to teach me how to do concise, it would make Margo’s job easier come newsletter time)

We also joined in with the Lake Fyans 100th Anniversary celebrations, setting up a display, and running a wild flower walk. It turned out to be a wet, cold dreary day, but we had fun in the rain, found some great plants, and enjoyed bopping along with the Ararat City Band. A mix of young and not so young musicians who really enjoy what they do.

This year the committee voted to change our fee structure to enable us to cover insurance payments from our membership fees. Also to cover the Newsletter costs. I still think our membership is a good price, and this is only the second fee increase since we started at the inception of the park 32 years ago.

Our Facebook page has been gaining in popularity and is a good way to communicate with the tech savy future group members and leaders. Many thanks must go to Margo and Caity for their efforts. Its always good to see a bit of online promotion for our group, and it raises our profile in different ways to our website, with links between the two.

Janbert’s promotion work has been very successful this year, with several new members, and many first time visitors hearing the radio promotions. We even had a few interviews on the ABC radio prior to events! I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to Janbert, he does a great job.

There have been a number of students supported by Foggs over the years and this year was no exception. The most notableĀ  of these this year was the three students documenting the history, work and people of the Stawell Field Naturalist Society. We had three very dedicated young people who did research, interviews, video editing and production. Ably supported by Margo who was a tower of strength and dedication throughout. She even provided accommodation, editing and directional advice. It seemed like a full time job for her. The mini – documentaries that they produced were viewed at our final activity for the year, and despite a few hiccups, were well received with more to come. Its good to know some of the great people I have looked up to for most of my life for their dedication to actions supporting the environment and educating others, are now laid down in history for others to learn from. It also makes me think of others that it should be done for too, before its too late and memories fade. Notably some of our own founders!

We are still trying to put the leftover money from the Friends of Zumsteins to good use. The committee have decided to purchase a seat to donate for use on the Fish Falls walk from Zumsteins to Mackenzie falls. It is needed, and can incorporate a plaque to explain where the money came from.

We have been asked if we were interested in taking on the reprinting of Ian McCann’s book, Grampians in Flower. It’s a very good idea, as Ian’s book is a definitive work many of us find invaluable in the field. Ian was also one of those documented in the Field Nats project, and it seems both projects dovetail nicely.

It is very gratifying for me that the Friends Of Grampians Gariwerd is seen as a reliable legitimate organisation that can support or facilitate projects within and relating to the park. We’ve come a long way from the group of fanatics and misfits that got together at Borough Huts after the inauguration of the park, but maybe not so far as all that either. It was fitting to hold our AGM at the same location in 2016.

Wendy and I attended a meeting with Mike Stevens, representing FOGGs, to discuss his major work on grazing animal control. It’s a big issue with so many ferals within the park, and as unpleasant as it is, action must be taken to protect the environment. I am satisfied that the best possible actions are being taken, in the most environmentally friendly way, with humane treatment at the forefront. This will not be a gung ho let em have it kind of programme. There will be many carefully planned actions, with proficiency, control and oversight at the forefront. Parks will have a tight leash, and no one will get away with breaching the rules! I have some knowledge of the issues and techniques and I am satisfied there is no better way to approach the problem without closing the entire park, and spending millions of dollars. Mike has designed a program that will be efficient, effective and most importantly humane, with as little impact on people and wildlife as possible. Some people will still not be happy, but they never are. This is about protecting the park, and the needs of the native animals that belong here. I genuinely believe if it wasn’t here before white settlement, it doesn’t belong in a national park. The ferals have to go!

We are working on a program of activities for the coming year, and hope it can top our success of the last twelve months. But it will have to be good to do so. Educational, active and fun are the buzzwords for any discussion on possible activities. We are happy to have suggestions, and hope our ideas are well received. We had some great experts this past year and hope we can get even better.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks for the confidence shown by re electing me as president. It is touching to know my actions are appreciated, even if I do rave on a bit and get hot under the collar sometimes. And to the other returning committee I thank you for your own dedication and support.

The Grampians National Park is a wonderful place and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest extent again this year. I hope you can all join me in supporting, learning, sharing and educating.

Happy New Year!