Stawell Field Naturalists Films

11 December 2016

As we reported in June and September we have been using three RMIT students to document the work of the Stawell Field Naturalists and, in particular, the legacy of Ian McCann. The students worked on the documents preserved by the Stawell Historical Society and filmed interviews with long time members and people who had worked with them. So in December we invited them to present their work.

After a chapter of accidents, amusing in hindsight but tense at the time, the quite large audience managed to look at two films: one on the Field Naturalists generally, and one on Ian McCann. The students had struggled somewhat with such a wet year and some recording issues, but the films were well received, particularly the Ian McCann one. There is still more footage which we hope can be edited into another film or two. Plus there are some very valuable observations on plant lists etc over the years in the notebooks, which it would be good to make more accessible.

There has been enormous interest in the project, and after the summer break we plan to get them up on the internet in a couple of places, as well as showing them again locally. And maybe we can make use of a new set of students for future projects. Good for us here, and good for them.

Ian McCann Legacy Poster -> downloadable pdf