March Committee Meeting Report


Financial report

Currently we have a balance of $13,811.26. Of that $4250.00 is  for the ‘All Abilities  Walking Track’ booklet (see elsewhere) and $1306.65 is money from Friends of Zumsteins which also is already spoken for. (see below).

Flora books for Grampians

Steffen Schultz is working on a Grampians Flora Book. He will let Wendy know what plants he still needs to photograph over the next 12 months and ask FOGG and others to let him know so he can go and photograph them.

Ian McCann’s book – In view of the fact that Steffen is working on a book and no one on the committee currently has time to organise the reprinting of Ian’s book this is not being acted on at this stage.

What to do with the money we received from Friends of Zumsteins

(Received in 2010/2011 financial year.) In September 2011 we had decided to use the money for interpretive signage or some other distinctive use at Zumsteins. With the floods and the fire we never got round to finalising spending this money. It was suggested we look into erecting a board which has either birds, flowers or fungi of the area. However this has not been able to be done and seeing there is nowhere to sit and rest along the Fish Falls walk we now plan to put a seat along the track dedicated to the friends of Zumsteins.

Name Badges

Wendy showed us several business card designs. We chose one and will proceed to have them printed.

New sign board

It was decided to go with a double sided rectangle or feather style flag and organise some sort of weights for the base so it does not blow over.

Artist’s Pictures Donation

Artist John Kellett contacted our Ranger in charge Dave wanting to donate a large set of limited edition prints to support work in the Park and Dave suggested giving them to us. We are very grateful, but as we have limited opportunity to display them we are going to share them with the Walking Track Support Group who can sell them more easily at stalls in Halls Gap.

FOGGs will keep some to either sell or have as speaker gifts. The rest we will let the walking track support group sell to raise funds which will go directly into walking track works. We will advertise them on Facebook and in our Newsletter for Sale in case any of our members want to buy them. A price of around $80 was suggested.

Personal Locator Beacons for Hire

Some Parks staff have proposed the idea of FOGGs purchasing GPS units to hire out to the public possibly through  Brambuk. The hire fee would recoup the costs and could earn FOGGs some money. We need to think this through before making a decision.

Working with children checks

Margo has received her working with children check and has lodged a copy for FOGGs. Rodney also has one, but needs to add FOGGs.

All Abilities Walking Track Book

The new booklet is almost ready. Margo responded to the draft Matt sent out and he is taking our feedback into consideration.

Roundtable meeting

The next meeting was to be held on 15th March but it has been postponed to April 19 in order to organise speakers. The organisers are ‘aiming to gather local researchers to come in and update the group on local flora and fauna studies, particular in fire affected areas and how this may influence our future planning strategies.’