Prez Sez

Its been a nice autumn season of late. The weather has been beautiful. It has been cold overnight, and often foggy in the mornings, but the days have been truly magnificent. Good for walking, photography or any other activity enjoyed in our great park. Its always a pleasure to be here regardless of weather, but I have truly enjoyed myself lately, and we have had some great activities in and near the park.

The sense of achievement at the end of our planting session for Mabel was uplifting. To know we had honoured JanBert by helping to get Mabel’s garden planting well underway truly gladdens my heart. They have both done much for our group over the years, it was nice to be able to return the favour to them. And the garden will be a great example of native plantlife, a beacon of how beautiful and varied a garden can be without bringing in introduced plants. My thanks to all who were able to participate, it was an enjoyable task with many hands making the work a joy rather than a chore.

Our catch up with Dave Roberts was informative, depressing, frustrating and enjoyable. Mostly the latter. It is always gratifying to know that our group is valued enough within the park that the management will give time to us for sharing information, and to ask us what we want to see or help with. Some of the numbers shared with us were quite surprising and gave us a great idea of how tough managing the budget for the park is. We were saddened to hear that we are loosing our volunteer coordinator. I fear what becomes of all the work that a massive number of volunteers contribute. Who will it fall to without a coordinator to make sure it all happens? Will any of it continue, or will it just be added to park staff’s already overloaded plate?

We are still facing a peaks trail that will drain maintenance funds from elsewhere in the park after completion as there is still no increase in the maintenance budget. Interestingly, any earnings will be treated the same as the rest. The money goes to a central point and not to the park that earns it. So if 1000’s of people use the peaks trail, the money it generates will leave the park, rather than being used to maintain the facilities that generated the income. It kind of looks like the whole concept is an iconic fund raiser more than an iconic environmental experience. Don’t get me wrong, I think it will be a great experience and I’m looking forward to walking more of it, but if I let my inner cynic loose, I don’t think the experience is the reason its being built.

Our most recent activity was a citizen science operation organised by Bill Gardiner. I must apologise to Bill for not getting to his first organised event for the FOGG’s. He was just unlucky that the first event I have missed in several years had to be his, but a prior commitment took me elsewhere. I understand it was a success, with Doctor Timms getting many samples to analyse in his quest to identify and catalogue Clam Shrimp in the region.

I must also address the tragedy of a death at a Friends activity. The details are covered in the activity report. What I want to raise, is the frustration of trying to get 000 to understand what our location was. The call centres are very city centric. What street?, what house number?, what cross street? These questions don’t pinpoint a location in a large wilderness area. Especially if the nearest road is 100’s of metres away, and the cross street is 12 kilometres from there! And the location has to be pinpointed before the job can be assigned to the correct Ambulance, Police, Fire and SES station. The delay this created made no difference to our tragedy, but it might to some others. It is definitely frustrating in an emergency, trying to make someone who doesn’t know the area and can’t read a map understand where you are before they can move on to sending help.

I feel maybe we should have an EPIRB or a personal locator beacon at all our activities, just in case another emergency arises. We have never needed the technology before, but maybe we will in the future. If its available at a reasonable price, why wouldn’t we cover ourselves? We had a request from the parks office to purchase some for the purpose of hiring to park visitors. If we need one, maybe others do too!

I’d love to hear what you think on the matter.