What the Prez Sez

Another great year kicks off for FOGGs.

We are planning another action packed program this year with great experts, fun activities, world leading research, gatherings, walks and good fun. I’m looking forward to leading our Mt Abrupt walk. It was a part of my childhood (visible on the horizon as I grew up) and my schooling, with camps, hikes and rock climbing adventures. I look forward to seeing the views from the southern end of the range again. I just hope some of our other members can help me with plant ID as we wander.

Our traditional cleanup was again a great outing with collaboration from parks, 4wd club, walking groups, climbers and tourists all joining in. A few backpackers too. Maybe it was the enticement of doing your bit to help out, or maybe it was Tammy’s skill on the hotplate cooking a free feed.

I have to admit I look forward to our cleanup day. It’s a chance to communicate with others and be visible in the park. And we look for a new location each time. This year was a new location for most of our attendees, and that’s another reason to enjoy it.

We are grateful to the work Caity O’Reilly does in volunteer coordination. This year’s cleanup was no exception. And this year her lunch preparations were a step up on last year. She even had BBQ tongs! Her efforts are always appreciated. It’s a pity a park this size can’t give a valuable and dedicated staff member a long term contract, instead of having to chase funding for her every year. The region is enriched by her efforts. Lobby everyone you can to increase funding to our National Parks, one day they will be the only natural environment we have left!

We are saddened by the sudden loss of JanBert Brouwer. A dedicated participant, our promotions officer and committee member. His sense of humour and wry smile made his presence at activities a delight. His attention to detail kept us all on our toes when writing our reports…..He will be sadly missed by all, especially Mabel. I will leave tales of his greatness to those who knew him better.

We will be holding a working bee to help Mabel complete her planting, to honour JanBerts plans for showing the world his favourite Australian plants. I urge you all to join in, for a few minutes, an hour or a day. The feeling you get from helping others makes the effort worth while. For me it is a chance to pay it forward. FOGG members aided me recovering after the 2014 fire.

It’s been a great season for the park, with a lot of weather suitable for visitors. It’s been a pleasure to talk to people from all over the world. They are blown away by the natural features, and the scenery, but I often hear them wishing there were more staff available to talk to. It saddens me governments don’t view our national parks as something that should be funded in tough economic times. They bring tourism to our regional areas, and help a depressed population find some cheap enjoyment that fulfils them, and more determined to preserve our environment for future generations. They also inspire ideas of other ways to enjoy our natural environment. These are all things that can help improve local economies, and strengthen our national identity at a time when it is essential we have positive hope for the future.

But then, the environment that sustains us has long been second place to the needs of profit and greed. At least our state government won’t allow fracking in our arable land. Just sand mining and toxic waste storage, in areas adjacent to our favourite national park. I am referring to Iluka’s plans for new mines, and a storage dump for radioactive waste sands in our region. While not in the park, the proximity can impact on our playground. It’s a pity government stays away from ruling things out, and leaves it to a local council to fight a multinational with bigger coffers and higher paid experts.

But it is heartening to see council members, business owners, farmers and conservation groups working together to prevent what could be an environmental catastrophe for our region. And that is the future I see when I’m out and about in the park!