Introducing the Nature Glenelg Trust

When I was at the Cavendish Red Gum festival I listened to an exciting presentation on this trust and I believe it will be of great interest to our group.

Nature Glenelg Trust is established as an environmental organisation for the following purposes:

  • To protect and enhance the natural environment, with a particular emphasis on wetland conservation and restoration activities, supported by the Habitat Restoration Fund.
  • To generate and provide high quality scientific information that enhances management of the natural environment.
  • To support and undertake key conservation ecology research.
  • To promote public awareness of nature through education, and involving the community in the activities of the Trust.

How did it all begin?

In 2011 a small group of people, with a range of complementary skills and a passion for practical solutions, got together to develop a new way of getting more environmental work to happen “on the ground” in their local region. A shared passion for nature in our region and a desire to maximise practical action were the motivating factors that brought us together. We recognised that a need exists for an environmental non-government organisation (NGO) to be based in this region, have a regional focus, and work on the issues of greatest local relevance with our local community and partners. Nature Glenelg Trust is our living experiment to fill that gap.

Why Nature Glenelg?

The name of the Trust describes our regional focus, with the Glenelg River situated at the centre of our large regional home; straddling the border between South Australia and Victoria. To enable us to focus our efforts in this region, Nature Glenelg Trust has staff based in regional centres situated between Adelaide and Melbourne. The fact that the Glenelg River is one of this region’s most important waterways, with a catchment that is home to a wide range of wetland habitats, plants and wildlife, makes it an ideal choice. Over the past 6 years, NGT has been especially busy in the Dunkeld area, working with private landholders and Parks Victoria to restore wetlands on public and private land, with great success at places like Brady Swamp, Gooseneck Swamp, Green Swamp and Scale Swamp

Thanks to a new partnership between Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT), Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the Hamilton Field Naturalists Club (HFNC), Stage 1 (500 acres) has now been successfully purchased to become Nature Glenelg Trust’s first wetland reserve in Victoria. On the 2nd of March 2018, the purchase of Stage 1 of Walker Swamp was settled. Over the years ahead Walker Swamp will be restored to its former glory, but first we’re now seeking support to secure Stage 2, and double the eventual project area to 1000 acres. This project expansion will enable us to fully restore the Walker Swamp floodplain and physically link the entire project area with the Wannon River and the Grampians National Park. Adjacent to the Grampians National Park, (a short 15-20 minute drive) this floodplain property retains all the necessary ingredients for successful restoration. 

With the commencement of this new project, NGT has also recruited Dr Greg Kerr to manage the property and the complex process of restoring its environmental values. Greg grew up in the western districts and is now back home, living and working in the Dunkeld community. To get in touch with Greg, you can email or call him on: or 0418 846 993.

You can meet Greg, and also hear NGT’s Manager Mark Bachmann speak about NGT’s past, present and future projects in the Dunkeld area, at a special community presentation evening being held at the Dunkeld Community Centre at 7.00pm on Tuesday 21 August. This is your chance to learn about our local wetlands, ask questions and, if you are interested, find out how to become involved.

For more information about Nature Glenelg Trust, you can visit: