Clean up Australia Day (Sunday May 19)

Two FOGG members started out from Halls Gap collecting rubbish through the Botanical gardens and up one side of the creek to Venus Baths and back down the other side of the creek to the gap.  They then cleaned the car park at Silverband Falls and the track up to the falls where they also chipped out some spear thistles. Two bags of rubbish were collected plus a small bag of crushed Aluminium cans separated for recycling.

Ten people assembled at the MacKenzie Falls carpark and cleaned up the area there, plus the walking tracks to the falls and the lookout. About two full bags of rubbish were collected mainly from the carpark area. We then moved to the Smiths Mill camping area and did a general cleanup there and also along the road to the campsite.

And a Pomonal group found very little rubbish at the Tunnel Rd carpark and track, so turned their attention to the roads just outside the park where dozens of beer bottles and several old TV sets were found. The trail between Zumstein’s and MacKenzie Falls was cleaned up by the Wimmera Bushwalking group the following weekend, an activity they regularly undertake.