From the Park Desk

Rhonda McNeil

Area Chief Ranger Grampians T 8427 3612


We are heading into a very exciting time over the next twelve months with the development of the Grampians Area Landscape Management Plan, including Black Range State Park. As a park ranger it is a major milestone to be lucky enough to be part of this process nd it is really about being in the right place at the right time to be involved in writing a management plan which sets the direction for the future. I am also excited to just getting around to as many of the community consultation sessions as I can to hear from the many people who value this landscape and learn about their experiences.

Key achievements for the team over the last few months have been the first year of the herbivore control programme and the sallow wattle programme. We welcome Annike who has joined our team from Broome to lead this programme for the next two years. The Grampians Peak Trail continues to evolve, and Alisa is leading the work on making sure we have a true understanding of what this will mean to the team as it comes on line for us to maintain and service.

Our team has been focussing on our reserves around Ararat and Stawell, and it is disturbing how much wood is being removed from these areas. Not just from the ground but trees are being felled and removed. We are working with DELWP, but it is so sad to see these significant reserves being treated this way.