From the Editor

Welcome to our late summer bulletin. And apologies for the long break between newsletters. It has been such an incredible summer and although we have had no serious fires here, many of us have been affected. I myself got caught up in Kosciusko National Park, evacuated in plenty of time, but ended up spending much longer in Canberra than I had planned.

Our Park staff have been, and still are, flat out. They are in turns working in the fire affected areas, which means those left in the office are taking their roles as well as their own. So you will understand that there is nothing from either Rhonda or Hannah this time. We need to give them some time to relax, as there are still some difficult months ahead with the ongoing rock climbing issues and the Peaks Trail nearing completion. However we do have the general community update from the team and will be incorporating some of that into this newsletter.

I have a problem. I have far too many photos to use in this newsletter, I will send more to our patient website manager Frank van der Peet, but we do also have a barely updated Facebook page. I am currently the person supposed to be doing that, but it would be great if I could hand that over to someone else.