Prez Sez

Welcome to Friends of the Grampians Gariwerd newsletter.

As I write this, we have had nearly 30mm of rain and it is still coming down. No longer can I see the hills beyond the paddocks. I hope you have all had some relief from this hot and dry summer.

As I look outside on the dry brown grass, I see the red necked wallabies browsing on our lavender bushes…it can’t taste that good or can it? Last year’s joey is still hanging around and still has a drink every so often from mum’s pouch.

In November 2019 Grampians Parks Victoria staff met with local volunteer groups and we went through the process of planning our year and how to get approval for our activities on Park Connect. Following this Rhonda and Hannah have met with FOGG committee members to discuss our monthly activities plus Hannah and Rodney have been out to see Redgum Walk to work out what needs to be done for our yearly working bee in May.

I was very pleased to see that our first activity the Ptilotus monitoring was approved on Park Connect and Hannah and a new ranger came along to say hello and see how we were going.  This is a great start to the year and we look forward to working closely with Rhonda, Tammy and Hannah this year.

There are many challenges ahead for our National Park and we hope that you can join us this year for some fun and learning about the animals, plants and place that we love.

Kind regards, Catherine Pye