Book News

There’s quite a bit happening with new books. Progress is continuing with our reprint of Ian McCann’s wildflower book. David Welch is very soon getting a full colour-proof, so he can check each page, before the final printing. However even if it is OK to go, it will still take about 2-3 months before it gets printed and shipped to Darwin. So we hope by the end of the year it should be available here.

There are two more books fresh on the market. Available locally is “Best Walks of the Gariwerd/ Grampians National Park”, and available online is “Gariwerd, an environmental history of the Grampians” by Benjamin Wilkie. Would any of you who have ordered it like to review it for our next issue? We would love to have more of your voices in our newsletter.

“Best Walks of the Gariwerd/ Grampians National Park” is by Debra Heyes and Julie Mundy and published by Australian Geographic. There are 25 walks described, from 1km to 49km long and they are listed as North, South and Central. Each walk has an excellent map, description and photos. But before you come to the walks, there is advice about topics such as what to take with you, caring for the environment, guided walks and bushwalking clubs, and a brief introduction to the importance of this place to the traditional owners. And then, after the walk descriptions, there’s more information on the traditional owners, the birds, the flora etc.

So all in all an excellent and comprehensive book. After many years of exploring the Grampians I am going to find it useful when revisiting places I’ve neglected, and when discovering walks which I haven’t yet done. My only criticism is: why don’t they mention FOGGS? We are not there even under “Useful Contacts”. Something we’ll have to follow up if there’s a call for a second edition.