FOGG’s Clean Up Australia 2020

Some of us helped clean up Australia on 1st March, organised and helped by Hannah. We concentrated on Wonderland car park, and then Reid Lookout. For a small group, a lot of rubbish was collected! Most, and most disappointing, was tissues used for toilet paper. Thank goodness for gloves and the pick-up tongs.

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  • 2019-05 FOGGs Clean-up Grampians (11)
  • 2019-05 FOGGs Clean-up Grampians (9)

We had some positive discussions with tourists, some of whom even assisted by taking bags with them on their walks.

A barbeque donated by Parks and cooked by Rod (thanks Rodney) was a pleasant finale.

Thank you all, especially Hannah, who organised, motivated and took part in such a large amount of cleaning by various groups during the week. Very inspirational, Hannah – thank you!

Leigh Douglas.