From The Editor

Welcome to our Autumn issue.

Despite the Covid 19 lockdown we have been able to get you quite a bit of news and interesting reading. Those of you who get the newsletter by email will have already received two quite lengthy articles, one on art sites by Ben Gunn, Jake Goodes and Leigh Douglas, and one on gnammas by Prof Brian Timms. If you are getting only a hard copy of this newsletter and would like to read either or both of these, do let us know and we can mail them out to you. But be aware they are both quite long. But most interesting.

Just today we learnt that the Park is now open -sort of. We have no idea of course when normal activities will be able to be restarted, but we will let you know as soon as we can. In the meantime, why not do some reading about our Park? Buy one of the new books which are mentioned in the newsletter, reread stuff you already have, research the internet for interesting stuff. For example, the journals of the Field Naturalist Society are online and I can recommend say Dec 1969 which has a description of an August visit to the Roses Gap area, or January 1973 “the Wildflowers of the Flat Rock area” covering a whole year of visits.

Keep safe and we hope we can see some of you in the not too distant future.

Margo Sietsma