President’s Report

Good Day to Friends of Grampians Gariwerd,

On Friday 24th I will be attending the Grampians National Park landscape management plan Strategy meeting via teleconference.  We have come a long way in a few weeks with telecommunications!

This session will focus on preparation of a Draft Plan for public release and comment.  So please watch out for this and to respond with public comments.

We hope that you still have work and that you have been able to spend some time outside during this very difficult time.

We hope that you will enjoy the newsletter and thank you to Margo and Leigh for putting it together.

Thank you also to Bill for providing us an update on shield and clam shrimps and a very interesting article on gnammas.

Powerful owl

This is the time of year that Powerful owls are breeding and the other night we heard them at our property in Fyans Creek.

A few days later we were walking under a big old Pinus radiata tree and we heard an angry sounding noise ‘oorh’ and after 10 minutes of scanning the branches we eventually saw not one, but two powerful owls perched high up in the branches.  One was asleep and the other one was preening. Exotic trees have their benefits! We don’t think they are breeding on our place. We have been following the construction of nest boxes with interest as they are using 3D printing to make them!

Here are some photos.


On a recent walk around our property we spotted our first flowering orchid for the year; Parsons Band (Eriochilus sp.).  It would appear that the flower is produced before the leaves.




Have you noticed all the wattles coming out in flower, we even have correa and hakea flowering at our place.

All the best and we hope we can meet in person again soon.

Catherine Pye