WAMA Botanic Garden

There are two exciting developments at the WAMA site between Halls Gap and Pomonal which I think will be of interest to FOGG members.

WAMA is planning to build an art gallery on the site, but are starting with developing the site. They have just completed a fence to keep feral animals out of much of the site, and currently have two exciting projects underway.  The first is to install a grassland area. For a couple of years now Jallukar Landcare has been assisting collecting seed of many local grassland plants, under the guidance of Jess Gardner. Now they have cleared the topsoil away to get rid of most of the weeds (similar to what is described in the Woorndoo article on p 6) and have just this week scattered the seed.

In addition they have received a $48,000 grant from DELWP as part of the department’s Growing Victoria’s Botanic Gardens Program to develop the WAMA Endemic Public Garden. The 2-hectare garden plans to showcase the majority of over 70 endemic flora species native to the Grampians. It will be an interesting partner to the well established Halls Gap Botanic Garden. The Halls Gap garden is in the valley, and will always be limited as to how many grassland flowers it can show, and what endemic plants will thrive. We certainly have quite a few endemics, but we also have many plants found here but also across the state as well, whereas the WAMA Botanic Garden will show only endemics (ie found ONLY in the Grampians). We intend to work closely together and hope it will be a most productive partnership.