This year saw a very busy September to December calendar. We didn’t have a Wildflower Show but we had many Threatened Species Group monitoring activities, plus the re-opening of Zumsteins, plus protesting about lack of action on climate change. In between we have been busy reading various reports and responding to proposals, as you will read elsewhere.

SEPTEMBER 4: TSG monitoring of Caladenia fulva (Tawny Spider Orchid) in Stawell area. A very successful day; we found over 80 of them and they are so beautiful. Also seen: waxlips, pink fingers, blue fingers, blue stars, green hoods, mosquito orchids, plus daisies, flame heath, daphne heath … Photos from most of the TSG monitoring days will be up on the website bit by bit. 04-versi & tentac 15-P1010986sml




SEPTEMBER 22: REOPENING OF ZUMSTEINS PICNIC AREA   Not actually a FOGG activity, but there were quite a few of us there. The restoration of Read the rest

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From the Editor, January 2014

(which is now also:From the President)

Welcome to the Summer edition of the newsletter. I am not yet including a report on the damage to our Park as the picture is not clear yet. So much infrastructure gone, so much loss of habitat. I  finalised the newsletter to members on the third day of the heatwave, with worrying news coming in as I was photocopying it  of fires in different areas of the park. I was in a hurry to give enough notice of an Australia day weekend activity. Which of course had to be cancelled because of our horrid fire.

As you will see from our activity reports we ended 2013 at a gallop, with so many plant surveys, but also issues we had to respond to.

I came across an article reprinted in FriendsNet from VNPA. (see later) I think it is very important as Read the rest

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