Visitor from Tennessee

I was surprised and pleased to have an email via the webpage from the USA. Janet Martin, a friend of the Great Smoky Mountains NP in Tennessee, would be in Halls Gap in early November, was FOGGS doing anything then? Well, we had nothing planned, but I was free and had such good memories of visiting her park back in the 1980’s with my husband when he was on a work visit to nearby Huntsville, Alabama. So on a perfect November day we climbed most of the way up Mt Rosea, enjoying magnificent views and wildflowers.

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Book News and Reviews

As reported previously, we have been discussing the resources available to the public about our park. The VNPA asked us to make some comments on their 2005 publication “Discovering the Grampians-Gariwerd”. It has some really good information, but unfortunately so much has changed here with fires and floods since then. We have given a fairly detailed response for them to chew over. We also passed on the comment that Ian McCanns wildflower book, now out of print, was really missed.

Out next week is a publication by Horsham Historical Society “ Zumsteins – A Century of Memories”. It is big – 322 pages and over 200 photographs. The cost is $50. I have ordered one and will write a review next issue.

In the meantime, online resources and apps continue to be developed. I haven’t had a chance to have a close look but here are two of local … Read the rest

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