Advisory Group Report

Margo Sietsma

The Advisory Group met in December for a very busy afternoon. We always start with lunch and a short time to catch up, then proceed to business.

Dave introduced Caitlyn O’Rielly, our new Volunteer Co-Ordinator to the group (replacement for Kathryn Dyson). I had already met her and in fact we had put together an unsuccessful grant application together back in September.

Caitlyn has her position funded for 2 years, she will be working with School Groups and Volunteers, establishing partnerships with long term groups and with the disability sector with less abled volunteers.

Grampians Peaks Trail Master Plan

The Liberal Government announced funding for the trail to $10,000,000, Labour has committed $19,000,000 and a contribution from the Federal Government up to $10,000,000.

Local governments have been lobbying local members for funding for the trail.

Plans need to be ready after the election as there will only be … Read the rest

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Committee Report – Advisory Group

I was an apology due to illness but here are some items from the minutes.

Grampians Peaks Trail Master Plan

Key discussion points: Summary of consultation process and feedback. Around 90 responses. Major points of issue included: On Park Accommodation, Maintenance/management responsibility, environmental and cultural values.

Discussion: The Advisory Group believes it is critical that the issue of a fully resourced operation is investigated and recommended as a matter of priority, so the Park and PV isn’t left with a liability and therefore the reputation is damaged and the park resources drained. A world class Trail and infrastructure needs world class customer service and management/maintenance.

Question: When, who and how do the AG advocate and lobby for (PV to undertake) a business operations plan?

Action: We will write to Dr Bill Jackson and Minister Ryan Smith to emphasis the need for proper, objective and well researched operations … Read the rest

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Advisory Group Report

We have a new Advisory Group. Advertisements asking for expressions of  interest went out in April, and the new members were appointed in early June for a three year term. The first meeting of the new group was held last week. There are five returning members, (Rex Beveridge, Kevin Bolwell, Margo Sietsma, Donald Carter, Gil Hopkins), and ten new members ( Bill Weatherly, Cecilia Myers,  Faith Hardiman,  Ray Zippel,  Deb Millard,  Dick Gill, Tracey Skinner,  Barry Clugston,  Lisa McIntyre, Malcolm Matheson). I remain convenor but will probably hand over to one of the new members well before the three years are up.

Much of that first meeting was taken up with introducing ourselves, defining the role of the AG, our terms of reference, how it relates to the Traditional Owner Reference Group currently being formed, and  to the Fires Roundtable. Dave gave us a snapshot of the park and how … Read the rest

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Grampians National Park Update – Northern Grampians Fire Recovery June 2014

Considerable progress is being made towards the reopening of fire affected areas of the Grampians National Park. The Mt Zero Rd (North)  re-opened  for the June long weekend, providing visitor access along the north eastern boundary of the park.

The rehabilitation of dozer-lines created during the suppression (fire-fight) phase is now complete, along with the treatment of trees that presented a clear and immediate risk to park users and staff along park roads.  Trail crews are completing tree risk and soil stabilisation works along walking tracks affected by the fire. Major trail works are commencing in the Hollow Mountain and Stapylton Amphitheatre to improve climbing access.

The September school holidays is the next major milestone for a number of projects including;

  • The re-opening of MacKenzies Falls car park with access to the base of the falls (no kiosk facilities)
  • The re-opening of the Stapylton Amphitheatre climbing area from Mt Zero
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The Advisory Group has met twice. I’ll try to condense our discussions.


  • We agreed that the Zumsteins heritage day was a great success, 400 attended and was a healing day for many of the locals.

   Environmental issues;

  • There are clear photos of a Quoll in the Rock Wallaby site, which is most exciting but raises some questions.

    • Halls Gap Zoo lost a quoll a few years ago and there are captive quolls near Dunkeld.

    • Quoll males can travel long distances. It could conceivably come from Mt Eccles.

    • Baiting program won’t change after Quoll sighting as they have demonstrated a dislike to Foxoff in previous studies. Also, we bury baits below 10cm which is best practice and space 1km apart which is greater than recommended in quoll country. Foxes compete for the same food resources and in East Gippsland healthy quoll populations coincide with low fox numbers.

  • Rock Wallaby

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The group has met twice this year. The first meeting was a combined meeting with the Round Table, and the second was a stand alone meeting.

The meeting with the Round Table group on 9 April was interesting. I was there wearing two hats, substituting for Wendy as FOGG rep, and as Advisory Group convenor. Wendy was unable to attend, but has been keeping me up to date on what has been happening. The meeting specifically focused on the recent Victoria Valley Complex Fire which impacted on private property and National Park Estate. It looked at the fire, its impact, the response and recovery processes. It was also going to discuss the implications on our burning program which is of particular relevance to the Advisory Group, but ran out of time.

Attending the meeting were Graham Parkes and Russell Manning who were both Incident Controllers throughout the fire Read the rest

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