Guides To The Grampians: What New Ones Are Needed?

As you probably will have read in Rodney’s account of our walk and cleanup day in the Wonderland area, we started to discuss whether there was a need for a new book on the Grampians, and if so what format, what would it encompass, and whether a book is now old hat and we need to look at tablet or phone appliances. The discussion emerged out of frustration some of us had in what books we use when out walking; there are several backpack size books but all are quite old, and each has its strengths and shortcomings. But it is also true that no comprehensive book on the Grampians has appeared since Jane Calder’s “The Grampians: A Noble Range” was published in 1987 but long out of print. Clearly before we start thinking whether we, together with other local interested groups, could seek funding  to produce a new resource, … Read the rest

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Thelma Argall

Dave Munro

The Grampians region has lost another long time, strong supporter of the natural environment.

Thelma and Win with “message” fungus

Thelma Argall was farewelled at a graveside service at Redbank Cemetery on Monday 29 December. She died a few months after being diagnosed with cancer. Typically she refused to have any treatment and stoically faced her fate.

Thelma gave truth to the adage that behind every successful man is a woman. While Ian McCann, her partner of many years, was highly regarded as a nature photographer, author and field naturalist, it was Thelma who performed the role of manager and field assistant. She was proficient at finding that elusive orchid or fungus and there is no doubt that her powers of observation matched Ian’s. They were a true partnership. They were both selfless in their willingness to share their knowledge and passion for the bush.

Her life-long love … Read the rest

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General Meeting Minutes(shortened)

  • Minutes from the meeting at the Parks Office on 24th April were accepted.
  • Treasurer Mabel that in August we donated $3000 to Museum Victoria to help travel costs for two of their post graduate students who are working on projects in the Park.

Business arising

  • Bioscan final report still not out.
  • The Grampians Peak Trail so far has had preliminary approval for camping sites along the way consisting of a pad for a tent, a 3 sided shelter for bad weather and toilets. More luxurious accommodation so far has not been proposed.
  • The proposal to put a chair lift to the top of the Pinnacle has been dropped.
  • Membership forms need to be redone.


  • Wendy has checked on what we need to do re the changes to model rules. We have no need for action at the moment, just to remember that

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