5th Halls Gap Wildflower Show

Thursday October 2nd to Sunday 5th

Please note that this year the show is shorter. It starts on Thursday morning and runs to Sunday. There will be less art, and instead more displays on environmental topics.

*Offers of help gladly accepted – particularly from orchid lovers.*

Small-leaf Wax-flower Survey

Thursday Sept 25th

Small-leaf Wax-flower Survey ( _Philotheca difformis subsp. difformis_ )

Assist searching for this endangered in Victoria species around the Mt Difficult area. Contact Sylvia. 5361 4001

November 10th to 28th

Monterey Secondary College will be helping with FOGG and Landcare projects.


Wednesday 1st October TSG Grampians Rice-flower Survey
Assist searching for nationally vulnerable plant around the Mt William

Thursday 2nd or 9th October (Date TBC) TSG Ornate Pink Fingers Survey.
Assist searching for this Nationally Vulnerable plant around the Golton
Gorge area.

Thursday 30th October TSG Grampians Bitter-pea Survey.
Assist searching for this nationally Vulnerable plant off Redman’s Road.


As Stan notes in his “Mutterings”, the Committee has decided, and PV have agreed, that we will restore the short loop and a spur up to the huge fallen tree. An anonymous donor has offered to rebuild us another picnic table to replace the stolen one, and Parks will help source suitable legs for it. Parks will also clear the dangerous trees, provide a “Wishing Well” Information Shelter, and help pay for further signs along the track. FOGG will work on the contents on the boards and signs, which will need to go through the official process before going up. Some ideas have been floated and will continue to be worked on. The signs are unlikely to go up until next year, so there is plenty of time for people to put forward suggestions. We are also discussing what to call the track, having lost the most dramatic of the Red Gums. Some years ago we sought to rename it The McInnes Walk after founding members Sue and Ivan McInnes who pioneered the walk then lost their lives in a tragic boating accident. That is still a possibility. Other suggestions are Victoria Valley Nature Walk, or FOGG Victoria Valley Nature Walk or The Friends’ Walk, and then on the noticeboard say something like Honouring the Contributions of Ian McCann, Sue McInnes and Other Founding Members of Friends of Grampians -Gariwerd to the Opening and Formative Years of the Grampians National Park.
Again everyone’s input is most welcome.
For clearing the track, we plan to make good use of the secondary college students who are coming in November, and look to other sources of muscled volunteers to supplement our wimpy lot.

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Fungi, Ferns, Food for Thought

Saturday 19th July – 10 am Start.

Meet at the Mt Rosea car park, search the flat area opposite the car park for fungi then walk down the Delley’s Dell path looking at more fungi and the ferns. Bring gardening gloves and a hand weeder if you can and we’ll also attack some young thistles and common nightshade. Then lunch at Margo’s – soup plus what you bring. Discussion over lunch of options for red gum walks. (see article on p4) .

NOTE:- The Silver Band Road is ONE WAY ONLY DOWN from the Rosea car park to the Silver Band Falls car park area. Contact Margo 5356 4524

Fire Operations Plan Sites Inspection

Saturday June 21st

Fire Operations Plan sites inspection with Graham Parkes, Lauren Butterfield and Glenn Rudolph of DSE Horsham.

The day will consist of an inspection of burns completed this Autumn with comment on each burn from the perspective of the environmental outcome. The day will begin at 10 a.m. at the corner of Roses Gap Rd and Pohlner track, then progress to the numerous burns along the Bolte highway. Contact is Stan, 5383 6349 and you must register your intention to attend.