ADVISORY GROUP REPORT Monday 18th March 2014



Advisory Group Meeting Minutes


Much of our meeting was of course fire related as we came to terms with the intensity of the fire and the damage done. But we first had a few items of business arising from the December meeting.


1. Recruitment process for Advisory Group:advertisements will go in local papers very soon, calling for expressions of interest. Procedures for forming a Traditional Owner Reference Group are nearing completion.


2. Camping:Asbestos at Staplyton campground is being cleaned up this week. Staplyton will be included in the Online booking system being rolled out. However Staplyton campground doesn’t easily align with the Grampians Peak Trail. A second campground in the Northern part of the Park would be desirable. Coppermine could be changed from an informal campground into a formal one or a private sector could run a campground on the edge of the Park whether Read the rest

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The AG has met twice since the last newsletter.

The September meeting

We clarified what we hoped to achieve by appointing two junior members to the group, and how to go about it.
Mountain bike working group update: Committee met mid-July and 2 members committed to map proposed trial network north of Halls Gap using existing tracks and forward to David Roberts.
Brambuk Management Service Agreement was discussed.
Heritage Events: Next year represents 100 years since Walter Zumstein established the historic visitor site and accommodation, and this clearly will need to be included in ideas for the re-opening of the Zumsteins picnic area. There is also interest in a Forestry heritage event, Spring 2012 tentative date.
Two community forums have been held to discuss Zumsteins renewal plans. Once insurance money is confirmed a site plan will be developed and circulated for community comment.
Fire Ecology Strategy update: Jill Reid described … Read the rest

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The Northern Grampians Shire released its landslip strategy and guidelines at meetings in Halls Gap on August 29.
A small number of the 190 landslides throughout the Grampians National Park impacted on private property in the Halls Gap area. The properties impacted by landslide were mapped by geotechnical experts engaged by Council to prepare maps to identify land that is susceptible to landslide. Council have now contacted the property owners who have land that is identified as susceptible to landslide. There are immediate consequences for planning permits for new construction in those areas, and it will clarify who may be affected regarding insurance premiums. Detailed information can be had by contacting the shire direct.… Read the rest

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In the last issue I reported that the Advisory group had discussed the first stage of the long distance Grampians Peak Trail, which will be a 3 day circuit from Halls Gap, to Mt Rosea area, to Borough Huts area, and back to Halls Gap.
FOGGs were briefed on the plan at our meeting with Dave in August. Government funding for the planning and development of Phase 1 including up to 3 hiker camps and new track development has been secured – $2.3million. New walk in camp sites will be established, one near the old campsite at Mt Rosea, but hidden from the road, and one off Redman Rd similarly secluded. They will probably consist of pads for BYO tents, toilets, fire places, and a basic shelter. Camp sites will need to be booked, at a fee. There are no plans for private investment. It is expected that walkers using … Read the rest

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FLOOD RECOVERY NEWS: 2 _ VICROADS Margo with help from Andrew Roach

The PV road and track network:
Parks Victoria are currently focusing their efforts on restoring access to the base of MacKenzie Falls and the walking tracks from Sundial Carpark to Lakeview Lookout and the Pinnacle. Repair work on the walking track from Halls Gap to the Pinnacle via Mackeys Peak is also being undertaken. Parks Victoria is endeavouring to have these walks open by the September school holidays. Other popular walks, like the Venus Baths Loop and in the Wonderland area, will take longer. There are numerous bridges lost, and access is hampered by the Vicroads work in the vicinity. The work required is time consuming and complex, particular the difficulties associated with access.

Main roads in the Victoria Valley and Victoria Range were re-opened to visitor traffic in August. These remain very slippery and have soft edges, so if you venture into the park make sure you slow down, … Read the rest

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FLOOD RECOVERY NEWS: 1 _ VICROADS Margo with help from Andrew Boak of VICROADS

So much done, so much still to be done. I’ll start with the roads.

Saturday 20th August saw the long awaited opening of the Grampians Tourist Road after months of hard work. After so much effort put in by people from Vicroads, Parks Vic and the contractors, the opening was a bit disappointing. The invitation was for an 11 a.m. commencement. However, when we arrived we stood around cheerfully chatting in the sun before being told that the minister was running late due to fog. Come back in an hour. So off we went to drink coffee and admire Grampians art. We duly returned to the locked gate, still no minister. Meanwhile a queue of cars was forming as the signs in Halls Gap declared the road was now open. Eventually it was decided that the two mayors – of Southern and Northern Grampians – would open the road; and … Read the rest

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The next AG meeting is due on September 13. Each member received copies of the Fire Operations Plan and the new Fire Management Zones to examine and respond to before this meeting. Remember that if people have any questions they wish to raise with Parks Management they can do so via the Advisory Group. You don’t have to be a member of any particular group. The aim is for the AG to be a two way communication: people bringing ideas and suggestions to the Park, and park staff explaining what is happening, so we on the AG can bring that out to the public. In some ways the modern tools of web pages, facebook and the like are changing the way PV communicates with the public, so the role of the AG may need to change. However direct personal contact beats the mass produced content on the internet every time. … Read the rest

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Temporary Easter Openings: Halls Gap to Pinnacle Lookout and Silverband Falls Walking Tracks.
Parks Victoria has worked hard to provide access to two walks in the Wonderland Range for visitors during the Easter break. These walks have been built for temporary access and will be closed at some stage after Easter to restore the tracks to their original standard.
1. The Pinnacle from Halls Gap 2. Silverband Falls Walk

Properly open:
Halls Gap surrounds:

Access from Dunkeld:

Northern Grampians:

Grampians Update – Mt Difficult to Briggs Bluff Long distance Walk

Parks Victoria is happy to inform our licensed operators and interested groups, that the long distance walk from Troopers creek over Mt Difficult to Briggs Bluff and … Read the rest

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Parkwatch Article

The March issue of the Victorian National Parks Association’s Park Watch journal had an interesting article on a 1917 tour of the Grampians by a group of Field Naturalists from Melbourne. They also made a movie of their trip, which is now in the National Film and Sound Archives, and was shown a couple of years ago at the Halls Gap Film Festival. The article in Parkwatch was based on a book called Pioneer Tours by Vivienne Worthington, which is available from her (5241 9491).… Read the rest

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The Advisory Group met in February and, not surprisingly, the flood damage was the major agenda item. Before we went out to inspect a little of the damage, Dave explained some of the complexities involved in establishing priorities for recovery work. For example: some roads are Parks responsibility, some are shire responsibilities – and there are 4 shires involved – , and three are VicRoads. The road to Mt William is a PV road, but is needed for access to the communication towers. So that access was very high priority (via Redman Rd,as the bridges on the Vicroads Dunkeld road were so badly damaged). Roses Gap Rd is a Northern Grampians Shire Rd, so the parking for the Beehive Falls walk is their responsibility. Halls Gap to Mt Zero Rd (Bolte Highway) is a PV responsibility, so although the shires would love to see it upgraded, all the costs would … Read the rest

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