Welcome to the summer edition of the FOGG newsletter. I’m writing this on Thursday 22 December after another dramatic summer downpour at the weekend, which I’m sure you will have heard about. Much less damage than the January one. Mt Victory Rd is open again today, one lane only at the Halls Gap end, with traffic lights. There’s some damage round the Plantation area on Mt Zero Rd, but the walking tracks repairs have stood up well. The Parks office was flooded, but nuisance level only. All the water storages and lakes have responded quickly: Bellfield is 91% full, Fyans and Lonsdale both 83%, Wartook 88% and Wartook 76%. The total GWM system has twice the water as at this time last year.
With the roads open at last it is great to be able to get out and explore the Park again. The flowers this year have been so … Read the rest

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The Big Wet Continues:
The season of Larneuk – nesting birds has just finished. Its description starts with Bleak mists, freezing winds and rain. Well, for the second year in a row this was true until the last two weeks when it has been just so beautiful – sunny and warm at last. And masses of wonderful rain, continuing to fall. Read the article by Leigh on what the water has meant for her. One not so good result has been that the strong winds are still bringing down so many trees, stressed from the drought and now in waterlogged soft soil.
As at 25 August, Bellfield Reservoir is at 90% full, Lake Lonsdale is 100%, Wartook is 94%, Moora Moora is 90%. Even Rocklands is 66% up from 3% last year. Overall in the Grampians Wimmera Mallee water storages are now at 70% compared to 18.5% last year, 18.7 … Read the rest

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Welcome to the winter edition of our newsletter.
You will not be surprised that much of our energy, and that of the Park staff, is still solidly on flood recovery, and that is going to continue for some months – actually years. In addition, the interesting work of monitoring the effects of drought and fire followed by flood and landslide will continue on for some years too.
The two major through roads are still blocked, although it is hoped that shortly the road from Halls Gap to Dunkeld will open as far as the Mirranatwa Gap road, giving access through Victoria Valley to the south. The road from Wartook is open as far as the Boroka Lookout turn off, but the slip above Venus Baths cuts the Wonderland area off from Halls Gap. VICROADS are working as hard as they can and we just have to learn to be patient. … Read the rest

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It is now five years after the fires, and four years after the publication of the book produced by a committee led by FOGGS. The book was financed by grants from Parks Vic, Norman Wettenhall Foundation, and SHARE (Uniting Church Relief Fund). Profits have been used for relief work via SHARE and Grampians Community Health and FOGGS. We have also sent free books to other fire affected communities across Australia. The committee feels that the book has accomplished its purposes and that we should no longer handle sales of it. Requests have dwindled to only a dribble. In view of the way the recent flood has affected local businesses we felt that we could donate copies to them, for them to use as they thought best. Many are becoming coffee table books in local motels, others are being sold and profits going to SES, others will continue to be sold … Read the rest

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Thanks once again to our USA based artist Cynthia for the honeybee. It’s a blue-banded bee. Cynthia writes: When looking up what the local bee species are I was utterly charmed to discover blue-banded bees and their habit of sleeping in groups, clinging with their mouths to little plant stems; and also found a scientific paper saying that using blue-banded bees as tomato pollinators results in 11-21% larger tomatoes. So this is Amegilla chlorocyanea with a tomato flower. This is the first time I’ve drawn a bee, so hopefully it’s up to snuff and doesn’t horrify any entomologists. 🙂
We’re very happy with our blue-banded bee Cynthia, and hope the research project successfully demonstrates that there’s no need to import bumblebees to support our horticultural industries.
Much of this newsletter is taken up with flood recovery issues. The last newsletter came out very soon after the event, and we spoke … Read the rest

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GWANGEL MORRON – season of honeybees
Mid March to early June

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Grampians Flood Recovery Update

h3. Last Updated 3rd March

This page will give the latest Park Note for the flood recovery work in the Grampians National Park.


From Parks Victoria:

bq.. Grampians Update – Friday 25 February 2011

Please see the attached latest flood recovery update for the Grampians National Park. New openings include the Coppermine Track (4WD) and Pohlners Road North of Coppermine Track in the Northern part of the Park.

Parks Victoria is continuing to work towards openings in the Western side of the Grampians National Park. We were hoping to have some sites open by the Long Weekend in March. However due to extensive assessment requirements and the complexity of on-ground works, these sites will not open as planned. Parks Victoria will now endeavour to open areas for Easter and we will provide you with further information on the sites we will opening as it becomes available.

p. Further update … Read the rest

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Our web page continues to attract attention from time to time. Recently there was an email from a French veterinary student wanting some experience with our native animals.

And we have received drawings of our wildlife from a young artist from the USA who is a regular visitor. Her email and support is typical of our enquiries from the website. The artwork she has donated to FOGGs is featured on our “home page”: We are very grateful Cynthia and look forward to more in the future.

bq.. Message: Dear Friends of Grampians Gariwend,

I’m a graduate student in the Science Illustration program at California State University and am writing to ask if I might be useful as an illustration volunteer/intern for any of your projects. Samples of my artwork are online here:



I’ve been lucky enough to travel around a fair bit of Australia, and of … Read the rest

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Spring Newsletter – From the Editor

_Margo Sietsma_

Download the newsletter here -
“FOGG Newsletter Spring 2010.pdf (FOGG Newsletter – Spring 2010)”: Newsletter Spring 2010.pdf
Or read the individual articles by clicking “Newsletters” on the right.

The season of _Larneuk – nesting birds_ is just finishing. Its description starts with _Bleak mists, freezing winds and rain_. Well this year it hasn’t been particularly cold but it has felt like it! And masses of wonderful rain, better than last year even. If it hasn’t been raining the clouds have sat solidly in the valleys. So far in August rain has fallen on Mt William on 26 days, as against the long term average of 14.The good news too is that this time the water has been soaking in so well. One not so good result has been that the strong winds have brought down so many trees, stressed from the drought and now … Read the rest

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(Acting) President’s Piece

I have been in London for the past 5 weeks waiting for the birth of our first grandchild so I feel rather out of touch with what is happening in the Grampians.

We have heard that there have been good rains so it sounds as if it will be a wonderful spring for wildflowers. Judging by the Orchid leaves that were coming through before I left, it should be a particularly good year for them as well.

This brings me to our AGM in September where we should have a very interesting time
searching for Orchids, some which are now quite rare. *Can I encourage members to
come and bring their friends as we would really like to see some new people with
new ideas and enthusiasms on the committee.*

Proo Pyke… Read the rest

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