Snippets from Here and There

Cavendish RED GUM Festival

Three of us manned a stand at the festival featuring our FOGG Red Gum walk in the Victoria valley with posters, an A3 book on the history of our walk, and copies of the new Park booklet on walks for the less-abled . Despite the appalling weather and our subsequent relocation to the fringe of town we had quite a bit of interest. There were quite a few other environmental groups also involved and the day was a real success. Fogg member Jacqueline Ridler performed a poem celebrating red gums which I have permission to show.

Brothers in Arms

Old Man Redgum, if tales that you could tell,
Of a time before the white man, where thousands of you dwelled,

When your limbs reached out beside you and caressed your brothers’ hands.

Now you look so lonely, yet still strong, robust and grand,
The story tells that this spirit, of our Koori people past,
That the energy of their spirits, into you they would pass.

And I feel it in my soma, this awesome power that you know,
When I stand beneath your sheltering arms and feel the energy you bestow
And although you had to witness your family picked like weeds,
In a day of insatiable hunger, the clearing, the milling, the greed.

I offer a humbling offering for our generations past
To gather your seed and give it back to you, a token of my heart
To help your family grow again, so once again your limbs may meet
And when I pass I offer you, my spirit to yours to keep.

WAMA update

The feral proof fence around the Pomonal property is very soon to be constructed so that some trial reintroductions of threatened species can be undertaken.

Grassland Restoration Projects

There are at least two ambitious restoration projects underway close to the Grampians, one at Woorndoo and one with Jalluka Landcare near Pomonal. Both welcome volunteers who can learn species identification, seed production and harvesting techniques, propagation and direct-sowing methods.  Woorndoo has a facebook page, for Jalluka contact Neil Marriott

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Count 2018.

This year’s annual count for the nationally endangered South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo will be held on Saturday the 5th of May. The count takes place at 60 sites in South Australia and south west Victoria, mostly in stringy bark forest.

To register your interest or secure a search area, please contact the Project Coordinator, Bronwyn Perryman on 1800 262 062, email , or fill out the registration form found at