Advisory Group Report

There have been two meetings since our last newsletter. I missed the November one but have the minutes.

A tour of the new Troopers Creek Campground was undertaken . It is the last of the major infrastructure project from the fire recovery program. The team discussed the finalisation of the fire recovery program, Grampians Peaks Trail operations and the biodiversity response program with the Advisory group members.

The February meeting was held last week. The first item was an update on what had happened since our last meeting, particularly the two fires in the park (Mt Lang and Mt William }. Due to the conditions here and the emergencies elsewhere in the state, an enormous effort went into getting them out as soon as possible. Lots of people, lots of equipment. Even on Christmas day 65 people were at the fire. An interesting point was made that as firefighting equipment gets heavier, access tracks such as Harrop’s track have to be upgraded.

The new walking track at Golton Gorge is now open to the public and is a great example of volunteer work.

The next topic was an update on the management plan. So far the stakeholder meetings have been mainly Parks informing people, but now there will be a greater emphasis on listening to comments and questions. Those of us on the AG are requested to consider what are our key concerns. Several were given at the meeting, more will come. The next meeting will be in March. (FOGG are part of the stakeholder group).

Grampians Peaks Trails update: Alisa Redsell, GPT Coordinator, presented  a detailed update, including outcomes from community engagement sessions prior to Christmas, transiting GPT into park operations and signature experience opportunities (indigenous). Parks are hoping that all the camp sites will have indigenous names. Quite a bit of the trail is almost complete but we are asked not to use it until signs and safety stuff are completed. The camp site at Mt Abrupt may need to be moved. Progress has been slower than hoped and money is a bit tight, so they are looking at simplifying tracks and campsites without compromising standards. The team have been reminding the board of Parks Vic that the maintenance costs for the trail will be huge. An example of this is that when the existing toilet at Wannon Creek on the Major Mitchell Plateau had to be emptied by helicopter, the weather cancelled the first two attempts, so the bill was for three helicopter flights!

The maintenance cost of the trail is a subject the AG has had concerns with from the very start, so it is good to see the team sharing it.

Parks were disappointed how few people came to the four sessions across the local towns (Halls Gap only had 3!) but hope for more at the sessions coming shortly.

I can send more information to anyone interested. Current date for completion of construction is Dec 2020. It will be a big year. The Peaks Trail team send out a community report every few months. The last one was in November so I won’t put it here but can forward it to you if you ask. Or you can learn more by registering on   to get it mailed to you.