Other Park News

Parks staff produce a community newsletter,and here are some pieces from the recent Kooyang one.

Summer Education and Interpretation Program

During January a successful program of education and interpretation activities was delivered to almost 150 kids and adults by the parks Seasonal Rangers. Two guided walks for adults and families were also undertaken. Education and interpretation programs are run in Grampians National Park and surrounding reserves every Summer, Autumn and Spring School Holidays.

Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies

Recent scat analysis from areas around the main Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby population has revealed that four of the colonies offspring have ‘grown-up’ and moved into their own territories. Additionally, two new males have been introduced into the colony to diversify the breeding gene pool. This exciting news provides clarification that young are surviving and predator control is being effective.

Increase in Graffiti

Unfortunately, there has been a steep rise in paint and scratch graffiti within the park. In response, rangers have been removing graffiti and compiling information for follow up compliance. Please report any people undertaking graffiti to Brambuk on (03) 8427 2258.

Report an Issue:  Noticed an issue such as fallen tree, damaged road or sign? Report it to Parks Victoria via the Snap Send Solve phone app.

Visit https://www.snapsendsolve.com/ to find out more and download it to your phone.

Deer control

From the 29th February – 5th March, Parks Victoria is working with professional contractors to control populations of deer in some sections of the Grampians National Park. Deer are impacting the park by rubbing, trampling and eating saplings, ringbarking trees, and wallowing in wetland areas, impacting ecosystems and competing for food against native animals. Deer can also degrade water and soil quality, and carry diseases.

Signage will be in place in the areas of control to notify the public and operations will occur overnight.  Given the locations of these operations, there is not expected to be any impact on park access, although park visitors may hear gunshots. Major visitor sites in the Grampians will also not be impacted.