Gwangal Moronn

The Autumn season (late March to mid June) is depicted by insects, pink heath and being at home in the wuurn.

This season incorporates the following:

  • Cool mornings and warm, still days.
  • Red sunrises and golden evenings.
  • Honeyeaters and wrens searching for moths and insects.
  • Birds forming flocks and migrating north.
  • Skinks and tortoises hibernating.
  • Eels heading to sea for breeding.
  • Possums beginning to breed.
  • Flowering of Manna gums and candlebarks.
  • Red and white “fly agaric” fungi.
  • Flowering of Banksias and Heath.

Chinnup (Winter) – Season of Cockatoos


The Winter season is depicted by cockatoos, fungi as well as clothes and totems.

This season incorporates the following:

Bleak mists, freezing winds and rain.
Animal breeding – Antechinus, phascogales and echidnas.
Laying of eggs by powerful owls.
Yellow – tailed Black Cockatoos on the move – tear at wattles for moths.
Blooming of fungi and winter orchids.
Flowering of heath and correa providing flashes of colour.
Return of Aquila constellation (Bunjil).


Chinnup (Winter) – Season of Cockatoos

_The Winter season is characterised by cockatoos, and fungi._


First of all, some very sad news. Our president Stan Parfett has passed away. We knew he was unwell, but he kept the seriousness of it to himself. He was able to watch Parks staff install our new table at the Red Gum Walk just days before his death at his home in Wartook on May 23. Our deep sympathy to his family and friends. His deep knowledge of the fauna, flora and history of the Grampians will be sorely missed.

Those involved in the table project (FOGGS and Park staff) are planning a get together to celebrate its completion and to remember Stan. All welcome. Unfortunately I can’t yet give a date. It will be a week day. If you wish to attend, please ring Ewen at 5383 6294 and he will let you know what is being arranged.

I’m afraid this is a rather scrappy newsletter. Stan’s death and so many things up in the air, then I suddenly realised that it should go out before the geology excursion, and am completing it in a rush.

So, yes the geology excursion is on. Saturday June 19. We’ll start with a talk in the Whale Room at Brambuk at 10 am sharp and then go to the summit of Mt William with a bus shuttle. Then on further. We’ll need to start very promptly to fit everything in. Maybe grab a cup of coffee at the shop from 9.30 on. The Whale room is the large room on the ground floor of the original Brambuk building.
RSVP to Margo at 5356 4524 or 0429 201139.