Contact Address & Phone Number

Friends of Grampians Gariwerd
C/O Bill and Judy Gardner
1004 Nth Grampian Road
Laharum VIC 3401


    • President:
Leigh Douglas
    • Vice President:
Rodney Thompson
    • Secretary:
Alison Bainbridge
    • Treasurer:
Judith Thompson
    • Committee:
Geoff Stratford
David Steane
Geoff Stratford
Ben Gunn
Andrew Cunningham
    • Newsletter Editor:
Margo Sietsma


Membership subscription is yearly from July to June and costs $20 per annum for a single or for a family (members at the same address) $25 per annum.

The Friends of Grampians Gariwerd Membership Form contains information about FOGGs and includes a membership application form. You can also submit membership queries through our contact form below.